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Our Featured Swimming Pools

Frankston South Courtyard Pool

French Provincial Timeless Design

Designed by Indigo Pools with careful consideration of the client’s requirements, this French provincial luxurious pool perfectly complements the existing surrounding architecture.

Integrating a series of steps along the full width of the pool, two swim out steps for easy access, a customized raised spa to accommodate eight people and a large paved entertainment area, this project encapsulates ultimate outdoor living. A traditional French provincial urn symmetrically located at one end of the pool above the cascading spa provides a stunning focal point while the line of Cypress trees adds to the Provincial glamour.

The 11m X 5m swimming pool features glass rendering interior, contrasting blue porcelain tiles and sandy colored pavers and frameless glass fencing to avoid any visual obstruction. Two environmentally friendly rain water tanks holding 24000 liters were concealed in a purposely built undercover area which provided the space required to install solar heating panels.

Utilizing the latest innovations in technology, Indigo Pools incorporated Viron Evo Gas Heating Systems, Heat Seeker Plus Solar Heating, Maytronics Robotics Cleaning and Viron Connect Automation to allow remote control of pool functions. In addition, Spa Electric LED lights were included to enhance the ambience of the residence at night. Providing year-round delight for the whole family, the result was a magnificent pool that exceeded all the client’s expectations.

Frankston South Pool Specifications

  • Concrete In ground Swimming Pool
  • Pool Size: 11m X 5m - Depth: 1.2m x 1.9m - Spa Size: 2.4m x 2.2m
  • Construction: Reinforced concrete
  • Interior: Glass rendering interior & blue porcelain tiles water line
  • Paving: Sandy colour pavers
  • Surrounds: synthetic grass, line of Cypress trees

  • Filtration: astral fiberglass sand filter
  • Pump: Viron
  • Lighting: SPA Electric LED lights
  • Sanitation: pure silk
  • Heating: Viron Evo Gas Heating System, Heat Seeker Plus Solar Heating

Hampton Family Pool

Ultimate & Luxurious Entertainer

For this particular project the brief required a versatile and stylish family swimming pool with sharp, clean angles. The pool was required to be integrated to an outdoor patio and adjacent living area. The size and shape of the pool had to be designed to complement the existing residency's architecture.

Turning the vision of their clients into a reality, Indigo Pools created a luxurious and functional swimming pool showcasing a spa that seats eight people, a beach area for resting and toddlers and two shallow ends for games.

Hampton Family Pool Specifications

  • Concrete In ground Swimming Pool
  • Pool Size: 10m X 5m - Depth: 1.2m to 1.8m to 1.3m
  • Spa Size: 2.4m x 2.4m
  • Construction: Reinforced concrete
  • Interior: Pacific Award Quartz & Royal blue ceramic tiles water line
  • Paving: Reconstructed poured limestone
  • Surrounds: Natural grass

  • Filtration: Hayward cartridge filter
  • Pump: Hayward pump
  • Lighting: SPA Electric LED multicolor lights
  • Sanitation: pure silk Chlorinator
  • Heating: Viron Gas Heating, Solar Heating
  • Fencing: Frameless glass

Malvern Fully Tiled Family Pool

The Great Entertainer

Incorporating the best of design and technology, this superb family pool is the utmost entertainment. The owners required a practical to use and maintain swimming pool to maximize leisure time with family and friends. The Indigo Pools team constructed a spectacular 9m x 3.5m fully tiled swimming pool that included a large fully tiled spa with several in built seats so the owners could sit and relax while entertaining guests.

The inclusion of an outdoor ornamental shower became a central focus of attention and also acts as a water feature. The pool emphasizes modern living and was designed for a family that loves to throw pool parties all year around.

Malvern Fully Tiled Family Pool Specifications

  • Concrete In ground Swimming Pool
  • Pool Size: 9m X 3.5m - Depth: 1.2m to 1.8m to 1.3m - Spa Size: 2m x 3.5m
  • Construction: Reinforced concrete
  • Interior: Fully tiled – Royal Blue Ceramic Tiles
  • Paving: Natural Limestone
  • Surrounds: Synthetic grass, native plants, outdoor shower, gazebo

  • Filtration: Viron cartridge filter
  • Pump: Astral Water Level Regular Viron 3 Speed Pump
  • Lighting: SPA Electric LED lights
  • Sanitation: Pure Silk Chlorinator
  • Heating: Viron Gas Heater, Supreme Solar Heating
  • Fencing: Glass frameless

Taylors Hill Courtyard Pool

A Serene Courtyard Oasis

This project’s brief required a swimming pool that would blend seamlessly with the existing home and the adjacent al fresco area. Creating a serene ambience, Indigo Pools built a superb L shape swimming pool with a spa that included stepping stones acting as a water feature which facilitated a Zen quality water sound. Exclusively designed for the clients, the pavers and copping were colored matched and hand made through a process that involved reconstituted limestone. This Shore Stone paving reflects the texture of natural limestone and does not absorb heat as fast as other pavers.

Near invisible glass fencing acts as a barrier between the swimming pool and the adjacent outdoor living area thus avoiding any visual obstruction. All elements of this swimming pool generated the perfect balance between outdoor living and a tranquil impression of water.

Taylors Hill Courtyard Pool Specifications

  • Concrete In ground Swimming Pool
  • Pool Size: L Shape 10m X 5m x 3m - Depth: 1.1m x 1.8m
  • Spa: 2.5m X 2.5m Fully Tiled
  • Construction: Reinforced concrete
  • Interior: Pacific Award Blue Quartz Interior & Royal blue ceramic tiles
  • Paving: Reconstituted limestone – Shore Stone
  • Surrounds: Synthetic grass, pebbles, gazebo, outdoor pizza oven

  • Filtration: Hayward SwimClear cartridge filter
  • Pump: Hayward Tri-Star
  • Lighting: Astral single color LED lights
  • Sanitation: Pure Silk chlorinator
  • Heating: Astral Gas Heater
  • Fencing: Frameless glass

Lynbrook Indoor Swimming Pool & Recreation room

Modern Design & Optimum Results

Built prior to the construction of the house, this contemporary indoor swimming pool required a high degree of precision to be leveled with the proposed residence. The pool was purposely built with a 15cm deep and 10cm wide ledge around the interior of the swimming pool. The main objective of the ledge was to facilitate the support to add a removable floor and partially or totally convert the pool into a recreational room.

The area provides a great space for private recreation and celebrations. The inclusion of various windows on the walls of the room offer a functional space filled with natural light. Easily accessible and protected from the elements, this swimming pool can be enjoyed by the family 24 hours a day all year around.

Lynbrook Indoor Swimming Pool Specifications

  • Concrete In ground Swimming Pool
  • Pool Size: 7m X 3m - Depth: 1.5m to 1.8m to 1.5m
  • Construction: Reinforced concrete
  • Interior: White with specks of black Quartz interior & black ceramic tiles
  • Paving: Quartz stone
  • Surrounds: Indoor room, black brick walls, glass windows

  • Filtration: Hayward SwimClear filter
  • Pump: Hayward Tri-Star
  • Lighting: Astral Single Color LED lights
  • Sanitation: Ionizer
  • Heating: Viron Gas Heater

Mount Eliza Minimalistic Pool

A Minimalistic Design

Superbly designed, this elegant pool was built to complement the minimalistic style of a Mount Eliza home. The pool is seen from the living area of the rear of the property and it's the focal point of the backyard. 

A customized water feature combines a central stack stone area, a light rendered surrounding wall and timber screening placed horizontally to add interest. The sharp, straight lines and 90 degrees corners of this rectangular pool coupled with the dark blue stone coping and the warm tones of the timber decking producing a striking outcome.

Minimalist Pool Specifications

  • Concrete In ground Swimming Pool
  • Pool Size: 9m X 4m  -  Depth: 1.2m to 1.8m   
  • Construction: Reinforced concrete
  • Interior: Glass colour rendering interior
  • Water line: Blue porcelain tiles
  • Paving: Blue stone pavers with timber decking

  • Filtration: Astral Fiberglass Sand Filter
  • Pump: Viron
  • Lighting: SPA Electric LED lights 
  • Sanitation: Pure silk
  • Heating: Heat Seeker Plus Solar Heating