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Lynbrook Indoor Swimming Pool & Recreation room

Modern Design & Optimum Results

Built prior to the construction of the house, this contemporary indoor swimming pool required a high degree of precision to be leveled with the proposed residence. The pool was purposely built with a 15cm deep and 10cm wide ledge around the interior of the swimming pool. The main objective of the ledge was to facilitate the support to add a removable floor and partially or totally convert the pool into a recreational room.

The area provides a great space for private recreation and celebrations. The inclusion of various windows on the walls of the room offer a functional space filled with natural light. Easily accessible and protected from the elements, this swimming pool can be enjoyed by the family 24 hours a day all year around.

Lynbrook Indoor Swimming Pool Specifications

  • Concrete In ground Swimming Pool
  • Pool Size: 7m X 3m - Depth: 1.5m to 1.8m to 1.5m
  • Construction: Reinforced concrete
  • Interior: White with specks of black Quartz interior & black ceramic tiles
  • Paving: Quartz stone
  • Surrounds: Indoor room, black brick walls, glass windows

  • Filtration: Hayward SwimClear filter
  • Pump: Hayward Tri-Star
  • Lighting: Astral Single Color LED lights
  • Sanitation: Ionizer
  • Heating: Viron Gas Heater